Monday, 19 March 2018

The search is over...

The search to find my new Team Assistant is over. I'm pleased to announce that we (The KC and myself) have appointed Rebecca (Becky) Sargent into the position. 

I've worked with Becky in the past and obviously know her as an agility competitor. Becky brings a wealth of experience from the equestrian world and her own unique character and ideas to Agility Team GB. 

I'm looking forward to working with Becky as we support this years teams and develop future squads and teams; particularly with the exciting prospect of the UK hosting the EO2020. 

I'll let Becky introduce herself...

What an honour! As I start the 2018 season in a new position of Agility Team GB Assistant I cannot help but think myself as incredibly lucky!

I have always had an interest in sports. From a young age I participated in national and low level international athletics, before moving into the equine sector where I spent more than 20 years competing and being a trainer both national and international. I feel honoured to have grown up in this industry competing with and against family dynasties (Whittaker family) in show jumping and with the king and queen (Carl and Charlotte) of the dressage arena. 

The performance pathways demonstrated the investment and development of the equine world. There were two stages to the system then with a world class start squad and a world class potential squad. The idea being that you move from the start to the potential. 

The world class performance pathway was something put in place and monitored by the BEF (British Equestrian Federation) and as such provides equine and human athletes in the Equine industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience to hopefully produce medals in the future. It has changed significantly since I left that industry and now operates a coaches and centres pathway as well to help capture the grass roots talent available here in the UK.

I am looking forward to bringing my ideas and experience into the world of Dog Agility. From my experience in agility and going abroad with a fabulous team, I am excited to progress this further and help to develop the squad so that we can become unrivalled with the rest of the world.

Most importantly to me is an inclusive, informative and forward thinking team to help drive everyone towards the common goal of achieving medal successes throughout International Championships.

I am really excited and looking forward to working with the rest of the Coaching Team, handlers and dogs to make 2018 and amazing one.

Thanks Becky.

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