Sunday, 3 January 2010

Devo's First Show

Devo had his first UKA Show yesterday at Cheltenham and he was a good lad.

We had a run in Beginners Steeplechase and another on the Nursery Agility. We just did the jumps and tunnels [no rush to do any more at the moment] and he did very well. He didn't embarrass me by doing anything silly he was just focused on the job in hand. I'm very pleased with him.

I've posted a short video clip below.

As you've probably noticed I've given my Blog a make-over for the New Year. I hope you like the fresh new look.

Oh and lets have some more of you owning up to following my blog this year, I know you do...don't be shy.


Dani said...

Fab! Bless him.
And yes it would be good to see more followers so I dont feel like such a stalker! lol.
Nice new lay out.
Dani x

Mark Laker said...

Thanks Dani Looking forward to seeing you guys in February. x

Claire said...

ok I admit I follow your blog - there its done I have come out.

He's looking great Mark

mandab said...

Time to admit it then.... I've been folllowing your blog for a while too. New layout looks good though did make me wonder if I'd found the right site (new laptop etc!). Devo's looking good!

Mark Laker said...

Thanks for your comments Happy New Year, look forward to seeing you in 2010

Anonymous said...

Looking good!!! ... the agility and lay-out :))

Anonymous said...

ahh.. that was me commenting anonymous Naomi X

Mark Laker said...

He is coming along nicely

Lorna Goodban said...

Ah I like to read your Blog!

Devo is looking GREAT :)

Lorna x

Mark Laker said...

hehehe thanks Lorna