Monday, 16 December 2013

Team GB - Support Team Planning Day

The Team GB Support team met on Sunday to work through and plan activities for 2014; there's a lot going on.

Our agenda included:

  • The two squad days in January & February,
  • The Performance Weekend in April,
  • Team Days,
  • Other training opportunities,
  • Current projects, of which there are six,
  • Future projects - very exciting prospects,
  • and of the course the events themselves
It was a very productive day and our only opportunity to get together as a team before the selection period starts (01 Jan).

We also looked at some of the data produced from the qualification period which is very interesting . We can use this in a number of ways including: how to best promote the classes / events that attract points, see how the spread of points is distributed and learn how we can best use the data.

Here's a snippet which relates to the availability of credits across the country

So by using this type of analysis over time we should be able to ensure everyone has an even chance. Of course like any process we learn how to fine tune and improve as we go.

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emmaconlisk said...

I can't see the picture of the snippet, it's blank :(
Fab run at Olympia! Well done!! Hope the house move has gone through by now :)