Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Birthday to me....

It's been a BIG birthday for me today and a great one too.

Karen totally surprised me by giving me 50 presents! I couldn't believe it. I started un wrapping presents in the morning before we took the dogs out for a long walk. Did a few more before we went out for lunch, then a few more in the afternoon before friends came over and finally finished about 6ish. Amazing.

I've also had lots of birthday messages on email, Facebook and Twitter which is great. It makes me realise what a lot of lovely people I know. There have been some very special presents too. A Japanese agility friend did a lovely drawing from a picture of Devo and me, my parents gave me a photo album filled with family pictures from the past 50 years and my dear friends Sandrine, Graham and Anita gave me some beautiful cup cakes and an engraved cider glass - the cakes were nearly too good to eat - but I managed!

It's also our 10th wedding anniversary this week, so we have more celebrations planned for next weekend too. February is a great month for meeting up with friends, family and close ones and of course eating too much chocolate.

Thank you everyone for making it a truly rememberable day.


Beautiful cup cakes in house shaped boxes - delicious

Toshiyuki Oba drawing of Devo and me


Pup said...

Wow - lucky you! Hope you had lots of fun xxx

Mark Laker said...

it was a great day thanks, and the celebrations continue, it's our anniversary today