Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Day Off

We had a day off from the competition on Wednesday, we needed it after the long days here (07:50-19:00 competing)

After a late start we decided to take the opportunity to visit Copenhagen while were here.

I found it an interesting place although it would probably be better to visit in a few years time a lot if it was 'under construction'.

There are some amazing modern buildings amongst old historic ones.

We did a tourist spot the Queen Palace which was very much like Buckingham Palace in design.

You can walk right around in front of the buildings, although a tourist got shouted at by one of the guards for trying the door!

Greg posed for a picture by an armed guard and then got told 'sir you have to move!'

The dogs also enjoyed the day off. They had a long run by the sea, most of the time in the sea, and a break from agility.

At Dania dogs are limited to 3 runs a day and handlers 6 runs. This works well.

So after Copenhagen we had a quite evening watching a good English DVD.

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