Friday, 8 April 2011

Thing's are Picking Up!

We're now having a weekend at home to help Kodi recover. He's definitely on the mend but obviously still sore. I didn't think I'd ever be pleased to see one of my dogs have a poo on a freshly, cleared and cut lawn, but I was pleased to hear Kodi had his first poo today after returning from the vets this yesterday.

So this weekend I'll mainly be cutting grass, training Devo, setting EO style courses for Karen & Torro and keeping Kodi comfortable, Oh and keeping up preparations for WAO.

Thanks for all your well wishes, texts, phone calls etc... have a good weekend and enjoy your dogs however they do at competition, they are so valuable to us.


Pup said...

Hooray for the poo!! So glad he's improving Mark xx

dhdakin said...

Sorry to hear about Kodi. i'm glad to hear he back home and on the mend. I'm sure he'll be running around normally soon. The cone is great isn't it? Just watch your legs if wearing shorts :) x