Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Number Crunching...

I needed the long train trip to Scotland on Monday to recover from the Agility Club show. I cannot remember being so tired and walking so many miles at a show before. The assistance of a Japanese Ergonomics expert would have been a useful co-opt on to their committee!

Returning to work this week I came across some interesting data relating to house holds and energy useage. (apologies for the formatting, blogs are not designed for handling tables, or at least mine isn't) The first figure is 1970, the second now.

Holiday trips abroad: 6.7m - 45.5m
Life expectancy: men 68.7years - 77.8 years
Life expectancy: women 75.0 years - 81.9 years
Number of households: 19m - 26.3m
Average household size: 2.9 people - 2.4 people
% of one person households: 18% - 29%
Students in higher education: 621k - 2500k
Number of TVs: 17.2m - 58.2m
Number of dishwashers: 0.2m - 9.2m
Number of PCs/laptops : 0 - 24.9m

It made me think about what similar comparisons we could make within Dog Agility when I started competing in 1983:

Entries at a typical day show: 100 - 500 (up to 1000)
No of Annual weekend shows: 6 - Every wknd April to Sept
Campers at a weekend show: 50 - 300
Dogs competing at the top level: 30 - 150
UK Handlers competing overseas: 6 - 20

I should point out the above numbers are my estimates. I'm not sure that anyone has this data (or do they??) If we did it could help to manage the growth and development of the sport.

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