Monday, 29 March 2010

Devo's First Outside Competition

Devo had his first outside competition on Saturday and he was very good. We had one training round in the agility class, training end of contacts and other rewarding opportunities. Then we had two clear rounds in the Steeplechase and the Jumping classes. surprise, surprise he finished second in both! an excellent result.

Kodi and I didn't perform quite as well in the first ever Masters class, although both faults [one in the jumping and one in the jumping] were down to handler error - again!

If felt the Masters was a really exciting class to compete in. It had a similar feel to the usual KC Champ classes with strict running orders, tough but do-able courses and some good competition.

It was encouraging to see two of the IFCS Team members won their classes [Bernadette and M] which should give them extra confidence for the big event in May.

I'm off to Glasgow this week and home before Easter and train strikes - I hope!

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Dani said...

Well done guys!! I heard your name called out for one 2nd place but not 2!! Saw one of those Devo runs though, and very smooth it was :-) x