Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Dreaded A303!!!

Its pathetic I know but the main reason we don't attend many shows in the South West is because of the dreaded A303 on a Sunday night going home aghhhhhh. This weekend I thought we'd cracked it. We left the show in good time nice run through the single carriage way bits and then disaster struck, just before Yeovilton we sat on the dual carriage way queuing. There had been an accident and we crawled along for about an hour grrrrrrr. 

Why are there these silly stretches of single carriage way on a main route to one of the most beautiful places in the UK? Forget the credit crunch, this needs sorting more urgently.

Rant over.

We had a good weekend, in fact a long weekend. We took Jack to Swansea Uni on Friday. Devo had a shock, surprisingly everyone was far too busy settling in to their new accommodation to make a fuss of  a puppy. This was good for him, it showed him that not everyone was going to play with him just because he's cute.

Saturday was UKA. Agility with Kodi - poor, play time with Rehab [Devo's sister] great.

Sunday Honiton. Agility good Kodi won the EO Qualifier and 2nd in the 6/7 jumping; he's a great little dog. He also met a future girl friend, Pete & Iris Richards red and white Jai. They seemed cool enough with each and enjoyed a run around together. November is when they could be meeting again to have some fun!!

Off to work.


Dani said...

I have to come up the dreaded A303 to train with you in a couple of weeks!!! Hopefully a cuddle with Devo will make it worthwhile.
Hope you are enjoying my blog. No idea if people are reading it!
Rest assured tho, I am not a stalker! Lauren & I did laugh about the thought tho!

Mark Laker said...

hehehe like your comment. I've been reading your blog too, its a good read.