Friday, 22 June 2018

Remembering a special boy - Devo

Last week we said good bye to Devo (Devongem Crystal Method). He would have been 10 next month and on the outside a fit, happy and healthy dog, but on the inside he had a large stomach tumour which the vets weren't able to remove.

Right up to the dreadful day Devo was always full of energy, excitable and loved life. He wanted to please us all the time. He was a sweet-heart and a lovely dog to have around the house. He loved people and other dogs and had a very unique character.

He will be missed for his enthusiasm, his excitement out on walks and his constant running about; our neighbours nick-named him ‘come-by, too wide’ because he was constantly on out-runs and would then come zooming towards us flat out, slowing down just in time to whip behind and shoot off again. He was hilarious.

At agility he won his way up the grades to championship classes and won two reserve tickets. His notable agility successes include: Being a member of the Scunthorpe large team who won the Crufts team competition in 2016; a reserve place at the Olympia finals in 2014; He won a number of medals at the Dania Cup and at New Year competition in Germany.
I always knew when I stood on the start line with Devo that we could produce solid clear rounds. He would always give 100% and above all he was great fun to train and run.

Thank you to everyone who has posted their condolences on social media, sent us private massages and spoken to me. It's comforting to read/hear.

He has left a huge hole in our hearts…

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