Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spotting the future

Gina reminded me that it would a good time to blog about how handlers can be part of Agility Team GB in 2018, yes I appreciate its only four months into 2017 and I'm already thinking about 2018.

There are going to be three possible routes into the 2018 squad.

Winning squad points at premier KC shows will gain handlers squad points. A ticket win; winning an Olympia qualifier or winning Crufts singles all attract squad points. The top 40 (approx) handlers with the most points at the end of the season get invited on to the squad. You can find out more about how to claim points for your wins here 

Once again this year I'll be looking out for young handlers who may be too old for juniors next year, to join the adult squad in 2018. Bringing handlers through the junior team is a route I want to develop more in the future.

And the third route into the squad is to be 'spotted' by a coaching team member, including myself. I hope this will be a way of identifying dogs without squad points who are showing potential for the future. 

We'll be starting our spotting on the Sunday classes at this years Performance Weekend and through the season with the aim of inviting them on to the 2018 squad this winter.

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