Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Time to get on the ramp....

It was bought home to me at the weekend that the count down to Crufts 2017 is on, we had a team carpet training session.

My focus is now switching to Devo and ramping up his preparations for Crufts. It was nice to have a bit of daylight after 5pm today to go out and get a short session in with him.

It has been a messy year for agility training for me so far. I've had a few annoying injuries, trying to juggle the day job and other activities has been challenging at times and I'm also conscious that I like to give my dogs a break from agility over the winter. However, now we really need to get stuck into some proper training....no more messing about and excuses I hear you say

We have been focusing on Devo's core fitness over the winter as there are certain areas which we felt he needed to be more agility fit in. One of the things I've learnt through working with the physio's and fitness people on the team is agility is more demanding on our dogs than we sometimes think.

One of my criticism of agility in the UK is that people devote too much time to competing and not enough time on quality training and agility specific fitness. The result is dogs with more injuries, lowering of performance and dogs looking 'agility tired' by the middle of the season. I have no scientific evidence of this, these are just my observations. So as I start ramping up with Devo, Moog is going to be on agility maintenance until after Crufts.

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