Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Where has the time gone..and a guest blogger

Wow I realised I wrote my last blog in October, that's a long time ago, I've been seriously slipping and a lot has gone on since then.

I actually write something everyday as a habit to keep me focused on the important things. The days go by so quickly and before I know it will be Xmas.... oh it nearly is!

Since my last blog the Agility Team GB Coaching Team and I have selected the 2017 squad and we've had our first squad day which was a full-on day. Due to venue availability and timings I decided to hold the junior try-out day and the first adult squad day on the same day at the same venue. I was concerned I may have taken on a wee bit too much for one day. However, thanks to the fantastic support I have from the YKC, the KC and both Coaching Teams the day went to plan.

Thanks also have to go to the junior handlers, their parents and the adult squad. Everyone stuck to the plan (I like a good plan) and a good time was had by all.

I asked Sarah who had her first experience of a squad day if she would write a short summary of her experience. Over to Sarah...all her own words with no editing.

Team GB Day – First Time

I recently attended the Team GB squad day at Nottingham Trent University. I have to say I was very nervous going into this environment for the first time. Thinking about all the big shots that will be there and if I will fit in and be made welcome.

I have to say I had a brilliant day and had nothing to worry about. The team management are all incredible, they take everything on board you say to help improve the team and I got the impression they had a great forward thinking attitude! And the team themselves were all very friendly and positive.

The day included, first of all, for large handlers, running improvements. We all had to do an Illinois test where everyone cheered everyone on to go as fast as they could, which was a great team attitude already, even if they didn’t know people. This was followed with tips on how to improve acceleration, putting this into practice, then turning and how to execute a turn more efficiently. It was brilliant and didn’t matter how good of a runner you are, everyone was made to feel they could improve with these valuable tips. I loved it, and actually was really, really aching the next day – Thanks Al!

Next up for us was a team talk, giving us information on travel and what to expect of the events. Everyone who had been on the team shared some experiences and we watched a video of one of the events where we won GOLD! Amazing! We also made some notes on how it would make us feel to represent team GB and what it would mean to be selected.

Following that we had vet and physio checks where the dogs were checked over. I did find I had a weakness here as I couldn’t get my dog to stay on his feet, at least I know what to expect now and have something to work on.

Overall the day was a brilliant experience and I really look forward to the next one in Feb when we actually get to run our dogs over some European style courses! Can’t wait! Thanks for the invitation.

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