Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Working for the future

Someone asked me the other day if there was a break in the Agility Team GB calendar, I replied that there was a wee gap between the World Championships and the Planning day; a couple of weeks. People are already asking for the dates of team events and where the championships will be in 2017/18; our planning process is always working far into the future which we need to keep ahead of.

The Planning day was very productive and generated a lot of discussions amongst the Coaching Team. We reviewed the 2016 performance, we looked at the results from a recent survey and then armed with this information, spent the rest of the day planning for 2017.

One of the dynamics I really like about the current coaching team is, everyone has something original and interesting to bring to the table. I feel very lucky to be working with a diverse and professional group of people, all dedicated to building a successful team.

As I write we haven't announced the 2017 squad yet. We're waiting for a few dates etc. to be confirmed so when we do write out (early November) we can give the new squad the full picture for 2017.

Meanwhile at home our dogs are having a well earned break from competition agility. We'll focus on their general fitness and health over the winter. We're feeling enthusiastic and keen with our winter training plans which are taking a different tact this year; more of that in another blog.

I've had a calf muscle strain fixed, so I'm out running again and planning to do my first Cani-cross run with Moog over the winter.

And Agility1st will be holding their annual conference on 06 November. If you're an Agility1st member it'll be great to see you there.

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