Sunday, 18 September 2016

Feeling inspired for top competition

Tomorrow we leave for Spain for the 2016 AWC (Agility World Championships). This is the highlight of the year in the agility calendar bringing together the top handlers from over 30 countries around the world.

I often hear people talk about going to agility competitions to compete and meet their agility family; it's like that at the World Championships too. It's a chance to catch up with our overseas friends, fellow Team Leaders and competitors to enjoy this amazing sport.

This year Team GB will be travelling in separate groups. Some leave today by ferry, a couple have already left to drive down and have a min-break on the way and the rest leave tomorrow by coach. We will also have support from a number of agility supporters who fly out later in the week. We all really appreciate the support we get at the venue.

At home you can follow the competition on the AWC website, through live streaming, updates will be posted on Facebook on the KC Facebook group and the Team GB supporters group. And this year we'll be posting live from the ringside on twitter [use the agilityteamgb #tag]. So there are lots of ways you can keep up with the action.

Inspired by the Olympics, I've decided to introduce a new 'signature practice' into the team. At each international competition we attend the invitation to be flag bearer for the opening ceremony will be awarded to the top performing team / individual at the previous competition, or someone who has recently achieved outstanding performance while on team duty. For the AWC 2016 the large team who finished overall 8th at the European Open will lead the Team GB in. The flag bearer for the closing ceremony will be awarded to the top performing individual / team at the championships.

I'm off to finish packing now, ready to meet the coach tomorrow morning.

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