Monday, 15 August 2016

It's basic dear boy.....

Apologies to anyone I didn't get the chance to see or speak to at the KC Festival. As usual the fun of the event, trying to run Devo and catch up with people meant I didn't see everyone I had hoped to.

The Festival was as big and full on as ever. I managed to maintain my annual routine of missing one of my important classes. This year it was the Championship class. Totally my fault, I did as my mate Tim would have said 'a basic school boy error'. The term 'practice what you preach' also comes to mind. 

Anyway I did manage to pull off two good clear rounds in the British Open which got me a place in the semi-final.... or was it finals I get confused over these classes. Unfortunately I didn't qualify in the top 9 (unusual number) for Crufts 2017.

Although it's only August this was one of the last major competitions of the year for me. Now I start thinking about the World Championships in Spain next month and then on to the autumn training / cool-down season.

I'm excited about this autumn/winters training. Moog's training programme will be ramping up, Devo is going on a new fitness programme (I never did find those two seconds I was looking for) and I'm taking a fresh look at my handling. So anything could happen next year.

For those of you going on to Dogs in Need I hope you have a great holiday and for those who are not, enjoy the lovely summer we're now having.

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