Friday, 22 July 2016

Junior Guest bloggers

I have two more guest bloggers today from the Junior European Open. Sammy and Adam. Both members of the team who won Gold in the Team Agility and Bronze overall

Here's Sammy Peggs review. Sammy was the first competitor to get a clear round in the extremely tough individual agility class on Sunday. She stayed in the end up to the last 20 dogs!....

I was thrilled to be selected for the junior GB Team to head over to Slovakia for EOJ with Blaze and Rave, and honestly it was better than I expected! The venue was amazing, as were the hotel rooms which thankfully had air conditioning, mainly for the dogs in such hot temperatures. 

Sammy & Blaze under the silver horse - she is there honest!
I had a fantastic time getting the know the team better and making some great friends while over there, as well as meeting some of the other teams from the other countries. The highlight of me over the time we were there was the Saturday evening when our large team (Team GB Red) had the ceremony for the Gold in the agility round, the atmosphere was phenomenal! Nothing beats standing on the top of the podium knowing you’re representing your country. 
I’m so pleased with how both dogs handled everything; the heat, the pressure, the courses, the atmosphere - I couldn’t be more proud of them both. 
It’s definitely an that experience that I’ll never forget. 

Next up it's Adam Stretton with Jet

I was amazed to have been picked as part of the first Team GB to go to Slovakia and compete in the European junior agility championships. 

The venue was a build dedicated sports venue  and massive, truly amazing to be competing in such a high quality arena in a spectacular surrounding area alongside the Danube.
I was part of Team GB red that gained Gold in the Team Agility and Overall Bronze for the team event.

We had an amazing time and I loved supporting my fellow team members whom all did so brilliantly well at our first Championships. 

My dog, Jet, is a Pyrenean Sheepdog Face Rase who competes at large height and is one of a select few currently in the United Kingdom. It was a great honour to go and represent the breed, as well as my country. 

I would like to thank all of the management team and all the sponsors for their contribution and support during this exciting and wonderful time.

Thank you all.

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