Thursday, 7 July 2016

Blog from Slovakia

Agility Team GB Juniors have arrived in Slovakia for the European Open for Juniors (EOJ).

The decision to send a team to these championships was only made late last year, so in what seems like a short space of time we've found funding, sponsors, produced a selection process and brought a team of 24 young handlers to Slovakia.

The venue is amazing, apparently it's one of the biggest sports complexes in Europe. It's set up to host over 20 Olympic sports and apparently has a motor racing track around the outside too. It's a fantastic venue for our juniors to get their first taste of this competition.

Over the next four days handlers will be competing in individual and team competitions with over 450 dogs from around the World. Today we'll see the actual arena the handlers will be competing in and have our official check-in and training session. The competition starts tomorrow.

You can find out more about the event including the live streaming here and though the KC web site, and social media (search for the dog agility Facebook group).

Getting a project like this off the ground takes a lot of time and effort by many people. The Coaching Team I work with, the Kennel Club, our sponsors CSJ specialist canine feeds and of course the handlers and parents themselves. They have done an amazing job fund raising and getting ready for this competition. I'll be sharing some of their stories in future blogs.

The Team GB Coaching team and myself wish them all the best in this exciting competition.

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