Friday, 24 June 2016

Three times in two weeks

After never going to the ExCel centre in my life, I've now been there three times in the last two weeks! Strange how things work out isn't it.

Last week I met Martin Cavil (Team GB Technical Coach) there for the Sports Performance Expo. We spent an interesting day looking at some of the latest advances in sports technologies and performance developments; Martin even won a prize in a competition.

Adding some weight to training

This week I've been back there again for the HSE Expo. I was giving talks and meeting suppliers etc. James Cracknell was giving a keynote talk about his adventures and sporting achievements. He was so inspiring to listen to, I came away buzzing.

One of the learning points for me was that whatever he did he strongly believed in setting  a target and a plan to get there. Then stick to it, work hard and focused on achieving it.

He also talked a lot about the importance of picking the right people for teams. People who would support each other, had similar work ethics and would go through thick and thin together.

I certainly buy in to this one. 

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