Thursday, 26 May 2016

Taking a break

After a few weeks of reduced travel, I've been back on the road quite a lot recently. Last week I had two days at a conference in Oxford then Karen and I travelled up to Edinburgh for an agility competition and I'm currently in Birmingham for a couple days this week hosting a forum. Life is never dull that's for sure.
Enjoying the sights on Birmingham city centre

I was talking to an old friend (he's not that old, I've just known him for a long time) at the conference about how our life styles have changed. Even in the relatively short we've known each other things have changed so much. We rarely stop to consider what an interesting varied lifestyle we lead today and how we manage to fit so much into our days.

We jump from task to task, one interest to another, shifting our focus and attention almost hourly. Providing we can keep abreast of all this activity, generally we have full and varied lives. Sometimes though it's good to 'jump off the bus' for a minute and think about what's really important to us.

Many people do this by taking their annual holidays, short breaks, weekends away etc. However, there can be other less glamous occasions that turn out to be a 'jump off the bus' moment. One such occasion happened to me on Saturday.

Derwent Water

We had carefully planned a stop for a walk at Kielder with the dogs on our way to Edinburgh. However on the spur of the moment we decided to stop somewhere else as we wanted a break. We ended up having a beautiful walk around Dewent Water. It was just great to be out in a new part of the country, no schedule to meet, no deadlines, an opportunity to enjoy the scenery, just walking the dogs, talking and switching off for a few hours.

Note to self. Must remember to switch back on again when I'm on the agility start line with my dog wanting to be competitive...

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