Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Running a ring around Scunthorpe

I'd forgotten how tiring and yet how enjoyable it is to help at a show. As members of Scunthorpe we helped at our two-day open show last weekend; I was knackered at the end of it! Trying to run a dog added to the excitement... and tiredness. 

I was pleased with mine and Devo's performance. We made the champ final, although then bombed out due to handler error. A couple of other runs highlighted a few areas to maintain our focus on. Overall our plan for 2016 is looking good.

It seems strange that a few years ago we would be up at 4am to travel to Scunthorpe. Never did we think that one day we would be part of this club; how times move on. I'm proud to be part of Scunthorpe. They're a great group of friendly people, everyone mucks in and it's good to have people at similar levels to train with. 

I was also pleased to be competing on some extremely well thought out courses set by the judges. The Championship classes and the Crufts singles were excellent. They were pitched at the right level; the judge used all the available equipment and their design was clever. I hope we get more courses like these. 

After recently taking the second part of my judges training I appreciate the challenges judges face. I do think there is a responsibility to produce a safe course, pitched at the right level; using all the KC equipment, unless ground conditions don't allow. Courses should be fast and flowing for dogs and handlers. I'm still firmly of the opinion that having gaps of more than 7m only proves which handler can run the fastest; it serves no other benefit in agility (IMO).

I've had a few people ask me about the qualification process for the 2017 squad. The qualification document is on the KC web site site. There are no changes to the qualification process for 2017

See you at Wallingford or maybe the Performance Weekend.

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