Monday, 7 March 2016

Putting something back

After a few weekends away on Team GB duty and delivering seminars, it was nice to spend most of last weekend at home.

Karen and I decided that we'd treat ourselves to some trees for the field as our wedding anniversary gift this year. Five young Oak trees arrived on Friday which we planted on Saturday. I found it amazingly rewarding planting theses trees, probably because we have cut quite a few down due to them being damaged by wind; replacing them felt like we were putting something back.

Planting Oaks under the supervision of two neighbours
On Sunday we had our last team training session with Scunthorpe before Crufts this week. Being this close to the event none of us wanted to do too much training. It was more of a social and an opportunity to run through last minute arrangements like have we got our tickets!

Before Crufts Karen has her birthday. This year we're having a day out in Lincoln which will be a relaxing day before four days spent enjoying one of the highlights of the canine year.

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