Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Happy Easter times

We decided to spend Easter at home this year. After a busy Crufts we looked forward to a few days with dogs and friends. It was a good four days off. We got some quality training in with our dogs, caught up with friends from our ex-club in Andover, had some neighbours over for dinner and generally relaxed. 
We've stepped up Moog training. He's a natural and an extremely talented dog with a great work ethic. While the focus is still on the basics and foundation he is showing a lot of potential for the future. He is also a great fun to train. 

Devo continues with his daily fitness programme which has been designed to address his specific needs. It's amusing to watch him, as he really enjoys it. I can visible see him getting more proficient at it each time I watch him. Now the evenings are lighter I'll be able to get some more regular training in too which I look forward to.

Bizarre at it may seem I've also started looking forwards to my 2017 plans for the team. With the 2017 qualification process starting this month, people have already been talking to me about ideas and improvements we could make to how we select and train the team. The coaching team get together for a planning day in October when we pull all the ideas together. So we have a bit of time yet, and three big championships to attend!

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