Monday, 18 January 2016

Blue Monday

Apparently it has been Blue Monday today. I thought that was a New Order song, however, I get the sentiment. 

I’ve been trying to finish off my 2016 goals over the last few days, I’m nearly there. I’m trying a slightly different method this year. Still the same structure, goals for the year, short term targets to aim for and those things I’m going to do everyday that takes me closer to the goals - that’s the plan anyway. It is hard to maintain motivation though (especially on blue Monday). I appreciate this when people say to me, ‘this goals setting is hard work’ too true! However, once it’s done that’s it, you have a plan off you go.

I visited the new Kennel Club building last week on my way through London. It's nice, although I only went to one floor for a meeting. It’s fair to say that the KC is evolving. There is some fresh thinking going on, new faces, a positive feel about the office and I for one appreciate the good work that goes on. For example, one of my reasons for visiting was to join a telephone conference to discuss the Junior EO we’re going to this year.

The plan is to take a team of junior handlers to the junior EO in Slovakia in July. This will be the first time a junior team supported by the KC has attended this event and I’m extremely pleased to be involved with it. We have two junior selection days planned next month and a training day for the team at the Performance Weekend.

I consider this to be another important step towards identifying our top handlers of the future. I watched some of the young handlers at Crufts and at the Festival last year. There were certainly some stars for the future there and I look forward to working with them later this year,

I hope today wasn’t too blue for you. I’m sure entering a few shows and forward planning for this years season will make it all bright again.

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