Sunday, 18 January 2015

We're in the Moog

On Friday we collected my new puppy Moog. He is a little sweetheart and very adorable. He's amazed us with how well he has settled in to his new home.

His breeder has done a great job in getting the litter used to all the usual sounds and many experiences around the house and so far, he appears to be very confident in his new surroundings.

Moog will be my sixth agility dog and my third tri-colour collie. Of course they all have their own individual characters and funny habits. I'll enjoy watching how Moog develops and picking out those little traits that shows his uniqueness.

I decided to keep with the music theme for his name, I also wanted a name that sounded quite different from our other dogs and was short and snappy for recalls and agility. Although we shorten all our dogs names and have funny nicknames for them. Everyone does that don't they...............don't they?

The Moog synthesizer has been an instrument that a lot of my favourite bands and producers have used over the years. When I was doing some research into the name I was interested to discover how much other music featured the Moog which I never realised.

Life at the Old Potting Shed will never be the same.

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