Thursday, 15 January 2015

Not Another News Resolution

It's a releif that one of my New Year resolutions wasn't to blog more often, I would have failed at that one straight away!

There are no excuses, I've plenty to blog about this month. For example we've just started the Team GB squad process where the squad are now working for a place on this years teams.

The first squd day went well, largely down to the pre-planning and wok done by the Coaching Team and of course a very enthusiastic squad. As one of the handlers said, "probably one of the best squad days to date". Work starts on planning the next day in February.

One of the many parts I enjoy about working with the team is the attitude these top handlers have towards the sport, towards each other and their own development. Yes of course they all want to win and they see everyone as competition, but they are also driven, open minded, self-critical and mostly realistic. I think that's what sets top performers apart from the masses.

I posted a knee-jerk tweat the other day on my concerns about the changes being put forward for agility in the UK. I have two main concerns.
1. The way these changes are proposed in terms of the logic behind them and
2. The apparent lack of foresight with some of them.

I tend to keep a lot of these debates at arms length because I know the 'cream will always rise to the top'. No matter how much you mess about with systems, processes or structures the top performers and the people who work hard and those with a positive can-do attitude will rise to the top.

The problem I have is the top could have their options for competiting against the top in the world seriously eroded.

Still, we'll have to see what gets agreed by the powers to be.

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