Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gaining Support

Last weekend was varied, different and enjoyable. I took a few days leave to run an Agility1st assessment on Friday evening, followed by a judging appointment on Saturday and then took part in a club match on Sunday. There was a fair amount of travelling involved, but it was worth it. I took Monday off to chill out and we'd arranged a bit of training with some local handlers too which was really good fun.

I enjoy long weekends, they break up two weeks and usually cause minimal disruption at work, well usually, not this time....today was totally a catch up day.

The Team GB Coaching Team (was Support Team) and myself have been hard at work over the last few weeks putting the final stages together for the squad days that start in January. We had an epic two and half hour telephone conference last week where we did most of the planning. We'll finish this piece of work before Christmas.

Another project I want to get kicked off in the New Year is to help the Agility Team GB Supporters club get going again. A few years ago a group of people worked very hard to get a club launched and I seem to remember they did a good job of fund raising and organising a competition or two. 

Last year a group of people who were involved with the team also put in a lot of hours and effort fund raising. I'd like to help them to re-establish the club for the future. With help we could really make a big impact.

The idea would be to run a proper supporters club like any other sports club. By raising money to subsidise supporters travel, arrange hotels for supporters, possibly get discounts on tickets etc.... I think its important that the club should be about helping the agility community support the team, not go towards funding the team.

I don't intend to be involved throughout, that's not my role, but I am happy to help get the project off the ground.

So we're looking for a group of four or five people who would be willing to help organise and get a club established. The club will need a treasurer, secretary, chairperson etc... and a few people who are good at getting things done. I really think with today's use of social media it could be a very successful club. 

How do the team benefit from having a supporters club? Well they get additional supporters at events. There is no doubt that having a strong following at these events is a big boost to the team. It's so motivational to see those flags waving and cheering, it can make such a difference. Plus, these are fantastic competitions to watch. 

If you're interested please email me and we can discuss along with the other people currently interested. 

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