Saturday, 1 November 2014

Catch up and moving on

Well the last couple of weeks have been extremely busy with the projects and activities I am involved in. 

I have a project launch coming up in a few weeks time. These are usually busy times and quite exciting too. Maybe more about that in a future blog.

The International Agility Working Party met a few weeks ago too. We reviewed this years performance and discussed early plans for 2015. Definitely more about that in a future blog. The support team meet later this month to put some meat on the bones of my initial plans so I am busy working on that.

I've also had a few extended road trips that took in the day job, family meetings, agility and catching up with friends. I enjoyed spending some quality time with our friends, dog walking, chatting,  having nice meals etc.. I also got a free farm tour too which I really enjoyed; it took me back in time. Although it was good to get home this week after nearly two weeks on the road.

Tomorrow (Sunday 02 November) we have our annual Agility1st seminar. This year we have some practical workshops laid on, certificates to award and of course guest presenters. I'm really looking forward to it. Agility1st has really gathered momentum this year with the launch of the course designer app, enhanced web site and we have exciting plans for the future.

We are also getting into the seminar season now. I have quite a few booked up over the next few months which is great. I really enjoy delivering these. They are always interesting and a good way to do agility in the wet and cold weather.

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