Thursday, 16 October 2014

Best laid plans........and hedges

I'm still here! I've been a bit lapse on my blog recently. It's funny, busy days result in quiet blog entries. I've usually got plenty going on at work and at home, sometimes both kick off at once and something has to give.

One of the things I've been working on is the preparation for a meeting at the Kennel Club next week where we'll be reviewing this years international events and how next years plans are progressing. Then in November the Support Team have our 2015 planning day, so there is still quite a bit of Team GB activity going on.

I've been trying my hand at hedge laying too. We have an over-grown line of trees / hedging down one side of the field that we've decided we'll turn into hedge. So after watching a video showing how it's done I went out with my trusty chainsaw, machete and bow-saw, no messing about, and made a start. It was kind of successful. The first tree was too big and decided to snap-off rather than split down in a proper hedge laying style. I had more luck with the next ones which laid exactly to plan and did look like the proper job, even if I say so myself.

I'll post some pictures as the hedge progresses, this could be a long exciting project.

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