Sunday, 21 September 2014

FCI World Championships Pt2 - Playing by the rules

There was quite a bit of interest on social media by UK agility folk about some of the differences in the FCI World Championship event to the agility we're used to here in GB. I'm not about to defend either as there are differences and that is something I'd like to discuss in this blog.

Like many sports there are different organisations that operate within it. Take motor racing for example. it's all about racing cars and the fastest wins. However, there is Formula 1, NASCA, and various other bodies that run car racing events. Agility is similar. Here in GB we have Kennel Club (KC), UKA, NDAC and others. They all run agility competitions, but under slightly different rules.

Internationally there are also other organisations of which the FCI is probably the largest with over 30 countries playing by their agility rules (take a look at this map showing the countries). The FCI is the governing body for many dog activities, not just agility. A country like Belgium for example, has their own Kennel Club which operates under FCI rules.

Here in GB the largest dog activity organisation is the Kennel Club. The KC is not a member of the FCI (important to note). Because we are not members, neither is the USA or Canada, we are INVITED to compete at their World Championship event, which we gladly accept and compete under their rules.

As you would expect there are difference in the FCI rules. For example the dog walk is lower, the course dimensions are different, the course can have up to 22 obstacles etc.. If we accept the invitation, we accept to play under their rules.

Here's a link where'll you find copies of the FCI agility rules if you want to have a read.

I'll continue in my next blog....

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