Wednesday, 17 September 2014

FCI World Championships Pt1 - A Team Managers Perspective.

We're back and rested from my first world championships as the team manager for Agility Team GB. 

There has already been lots of pictures, videos, comments and results from the competitors on social media which keeps us all up to date so quickly, I reckon the results were out before the competitors were back in their team rooms this year!

The months of planning and organisation mostly paid off. We all got to Luxembourg and back safely, all the dogs were fit & healthy and the competitors got to the ring on time and did their very best. 

It's difficult to explain the amount of work that goes into taking a team to an event like this without making it a long read. All I would say in this blog is I'm very grateful for the support of my team  and sponsors, they helped to make it possible for us to attend. 

I prepared for this event in a similar way as I project manage in my day job. This helped me consider all the activities that needed doing. And like any project there were risks, issues, tasks, budgets and people to consider. 

Overall the project delivered what it needed to. We came home with medals, inspired, excited and with a determination to go to Italy in 2015 ready for another adrenaline fuelled roller coaster ride of world class agility.

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