Monday, 29 September 2014

FCI World Championships Pt 3 - Summary

My penultimate blog about this years FCI World Championships - A summary of thoughts about the championships.

For my first 'proper' year as team manager I believe we (the management / support team) have nearly built the foundations for the future teams. There is more work to do in this area.

Our sponsors are fantastic. I cannot stress enough that without them, attending these events with the level of support and preparation we have had this year, would seriously limit the team to those who can afford it, rather than those who are most capable of winning medals. The Kennel Club, CSJ (specialist canine feeds), Euro Tunnel, Agility1st, First Contact and Nottingham Trent Uni all enable and help prepare the team. In most sports there is a huge reliance on sponsors and an appreciation of what they enable. We need to continue working with our sponsors who will help us develop the sport.

I believe everyone of the team worked hard in their own way preparing themselves and their dogs. I've leant a lot in my first year 'back stage' at this event. Next year I'll be better prepared and in turn be able to help the team even more with their preparations.

Of course there are areas of the team we can improve upon, there always will be. That is part of my job to identify and fix them.

The FCI World Championships in my mind is still the ultimate agility competition. It's the World Cup, the Olympics, the Wimbledon of dog agility. I feel very honoured to have been part of it and to have the opportunity to stand on the start line and on the podiums with the top athletes of our sport.

In my next and last world championship blog, I want to share my thoughts about the effects this event will have on the agility competitors at home....

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