Monday, 11 August 2014

KC International Festival - the day after

This years festival was going to be a weekend of socialising, networking, supporting the team from America we worked with earlier in the year, promoting our new Agility1st course designer app, catching up with the GB team members, a day of judging and hopefully running Devo. A busy and enjoyable four days.

The weekend mostly went to plan except I missed running the British Open agility which I was annoyed with myself about especially after getting a high place in the jumping. Looking on the positive side, it was a lesson learnt and will probably be a useful lesson I can pass on at a future seminar.

I enjoyed my days judging. I had asked to judge the small & medium dogs, as I've mentioned in earlier blogs, I feel we need more depth in these categories for our international teams. This was an opportunity for me to see a wider group than I normally would. So what conclusions did I reach?

1). I watched some G4 small & medium dogs with potential for international teams.
2). I need to think wider than the current group of G6/7 for future development.
3). I need to find a way to get 'spotters' out there to help me identify future stars.
4). We have some incredibly fast and talented small & medium dogs.

I spoke to a couple of people who hadn't considered international competition before and were quite surprised when I discussed their potential with them.

I also want to thank the people who helped on the ring all day, they were fantastic. I won't try to name everyone in case I miss anyone. However they know who they are. You helped make it a very enjoyable day. Thank you.

Despite the weather turning wet & windy on Sunday it was a good weekend. I was really happy to see all of the US team go home with lots of rosettes and trophies. They had worked very hard to prepare for this event and to fly thousands of miles to experience this unique competition. They are a great group of handlers who I've learnt a lot from and enjoyed working with.

Safe journeys to everyone going home or on to Dogs in Need.

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