Friday, 15 August 2014

KC Festival Course Map

I had a lot of interest in the courses I set for the small and medium height doges at the KC Festival. I wanted to set courses that were in tune with what I believe the way agility should be going. Fast, flowing, appropriately technical for the level and above all fun to run.

I'm not a fan of courses which slow the dog down through having to keep on the dogs case and I'm certainly not a fan of courses which have HUGE gaps in-between obstacles. In my book the only purpose this serves is to see which handler can run the fastest!

So when designing courses for the festival these criteria were taken in to consideration. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I was also looking at the these dogs for future development.

I've attached the combined 6&7 course below which was the one I mainly wanted to focus on.

Have fun if you set it up.

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