Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stowe, Vermont - Finals Day

(Blog written on Sunday)

Over the last few days the teams, one large, or sometimes known as 'over-sized' dogs, and two small dog teams (normal size) have been competing for two trophies as well as gaining experience on UK & FCI style courses. Today was the finals of these classes. The competition was like the weather - hot. A gentle breeze made it the most glorious agility day in a wonderful location.

A local agility club came to watch, help set bars and change courses for us making it feel like a proper agility event, especially as the pressure built up for the final. As for the handlers, they worked the courses very well producing some fast accurate runs on courses that were becoming more familiar to them. It was very enjoyable to judge and I thought they had all benefitted from the last few days of practice.

After all the excitement of the agility we had lunch, prize giving and then a hike in the mountains. We spent the evening sitting in one of the meadows along with hundreds of other people listening to an outdoor concert by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra which was fantastic. The finale was amazing, a huge firework display during the 1812 overture. What an awesome end to an unbelievable week.

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Howard said...

It was great having you both over on our side of the pond. Thanks for all the help and we all had a great time!!