Friday, 11 July 2014

Landed and back to normal.....for a week

We're back from our travels and dogs collected from their carers and all fine. It was interesting to see the pack get back together. The first day they all appeared quite tired, like us! By the second day it was back to normal. Devo rushing about all the time, Kodi being very amusing, Rhyme catching rabbits in the field, Flint being old and wobbly, poor lad, and Torro.....well he is just Torro.

We noticed Boris Johnson (The Mayor of London for my oversees followers) waiting for the same flight to London as us at JFK. He ended up in a very poorly organised queue behind us at the gate. I made conversation with him and passed a comment that I thought it was better organised at Heathrow to which he replied that he also thought it was a bit chaotic too. There were 300 - 400 hundred people trying to board through one gate with very few signs and one lady trying to organise us into some sort of boarding order.

Anyway, after a good flight with a strong tail wind we arrived in the UK about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The captain announced he was pleased we'd made good time but however there was some bad news. We would have to circle for 10 -15 minutes because there was only two runways at Heathrow!! ..... a comment aimed at Boris I wondered.

It's Rugby show this weekend which is always a good one. Then we have a week to get ready before we leave for Hungary for the European Open, exciting times.

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