Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Goodbye New York, hello Vermont

Now it's time for us to leave NYC, we've mastered the subway network....well I use the term mastered lightly, we didn't get on the wrong train and we arrived at JFK on time this morning.

We had a 45 minute flight up to Burlington during which I watched Andy Murray on centre court. Over the last couple of years I thought his game had got stronger, but today I wasn't so sure - pity.

We'd planned to take a taxi up to the location we're staying at, however we noticed a cute little papillon in the terminal and thought 'we know that dog' it's Susan's dog Butter. So we got a lift with Susan who was on the seminar with us.

We are staying at the Von Trapp family lodge in Stowe which is set in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. It is absolutely stunning. We're going to have a fantastic time training here over the next few days.

Shortly after arriving a few storms came through which completely changed the landscape and freshened everything up.

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