Monday, 14 July 2014

Count Down to the EO's

Rugby is another one of those key shows for many UK agility competitors. It has many qualifying classes, Championships and I guess something for everyone.

Team GB had their last training session there on Saturday evening too, thanks Rugby committee for letting us hold that, we are on the count down now. This time next week (Monday evening) we'll have dropped our dogs off and be on our way to a B&B near to the coach pick point in Kent.

I was worn out on Saturday, which is not like me. I actually slept for an hour or so in the van at lunch time. I didn't run my dogs particularly well and could have slept all afternoon I reckon!

I was much more alive on Sunday. Devo made the Champ final (that hit my goal of 80% champ finals this year) although I was hoping to have had a few top two places. So one goal ticked off, another one to set!

I received some good responses from an earlier tweet today (@marklaker) about how I'd identified a couple of gaps in my training this weekend. I'm sure others think the same, however this weekend it was made very clear to me in at least two classes that something I've been doing is causing Devo some confusion. So this week its back to basics.

We have enjoyed watching the World Cup over the last few weeks (or is it months!). I read an interesting article this morning which talked about the massive investment Germany has made in sport over the last 5+ years. The investment paid off, they had a very polished and well-engineered team (IMO).

I gave me some ideas.....

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