Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Socks up and Focus

Hinckley was a learning agility weekend for me. As expected it was a well organised and extremely efficiently run show. The show committee did a great job of moving venues at the last minute due to the wet ground conditions; I actually preferred that venue although appreciate good venues are hard to come by so sometimes we have to go with what's available.

On Saturday I was just not 'getting it' I couldn't put my finger on whether it was because we were late arriving, if it was the weather, I was feeling a bit tired or what but I couldn't get into the flow of the day.

For the first time in a long time I forgot one of the courses I had wanted to work hard at. The course I ran was so convincing the judge even came up to me and said I got her worried that she'd missed judging a whole section! I then ran another course incorrectly on Sunday...what was going on.

I did manage to pull my socks up and qualify for the Championship final which was an exciting end to the day. One of the early competitors to run put up a very good time which set the standard for the rest of us. Running 14th (out of 20) I knew there were some quick dogs to go after me too so it was an all or nothing run. We ended up with nothing...

....Except I learnt a lot from the day mostly topics that I should know but I'd slipped into bad practice:

  1. Do proper thorough prep the night before
  2. Have a good nights sleep and proper rest the night before
  3. Get to the competition with time to spare
  4. Walk courses thoroughly not just 'walk them'
  5. Never skimp on my mental rehearsal
  6. Go with my gut instinct
On the plus side this has made me review these items and pull my socks up for the rest of the season.

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