Thursday, 19 June 2014

A delayed blog entry

Well I have to say I’ve been pretty poor at writing my blog recently, sorry about that, as usual the reason is I’ve been busy with the day job, the Team GB and other I’ve actually been doing some quality training (IMO) with my own dogs.

So what’s been going on? well one of my projects at work is at a very crucial time which I enjoy although it does mean my day runs over into the evening sometimes.

It’s a busy time for the team too. We’ve got the second team training day this weekend at Nottingham Trent Uni, we have two new vets for this year. Our usual vet Rachel is expecting and not able to travel this year, we have a carpet training day booked for the FCI team…. and so it goes on. Lots going on but satisfying too, I think we’re all looking forward to first international event the European Open in Hungary at the end of July.

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