Thursday, 15 May 2014

In memory of our lovely boy Oddjob

Time to let me go my friend,
Because my life no-one can mend,
Its better to let me go this way,
Than watch me suffer night and day.

I'm happy to go, my time has
My quality of life is no longer fun,
I've been so ill, so its not a bad thing,
To let me go forever resting.

Stay with me till I drift away,
Fast asleep forever I pray,
To relieve me from suffering and pain,
What more can I ask from my best friend.

Don't be sad, I'll be free from pain,
Never to be ill ever again,
I know you'll miss me being there,
But all the memories you have to share.

Thank you for being my best friend,
And all my needs that you did tend,
Try not to be sad, try not to cry,
Now's the time to say GOODBYE.

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Pup said...

That's lovely - made me cry too. I've not seen that one before.

Lovely Oddjob - run free little man xx

Amelia Tayt said...

Very sweet. Xxx

Debbie said...

With the hugest of huglets to you both.
D x