Monday, 12 May 2014

A Change of Plan

After an extra busy week, a lot of travelling, lots on the go and another busy week ahead, we decided to give Tunbridge agility show a miss. We also have to consider that Odd job is not getting any better, very sad, and Flint (15) likes his short regular exercises. So the thought of two wet days in a van wasn't relished.

We stayed at home, did some serious training in-between the showers, caught up with a lot computer work and tried to get a head on a few tasks.

Although preparing for the Performance Weekend was busy enough, the follow up is equally so. I know for a fact that both my two assistants (Natasha & Marc)  have working well into the night preparing their feedback and thoughts.

In today's society people like / expect feedback on their performances. Well sometimes they don't like the feedback they get, however, they generally like to know how they've done and how they can improve. This is understandable even though it can create a lot of work. If the feedback is acted upon, then this years team will certainly be going from good to great.

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