Friday, 4 April 2014

Action speaks louder than words

I've been in Edinburgh on business for the last couple of days, it's one of those cities with an exciting atmosphere I always enjoy coming here despite the weather.

This evening I carried out two Agility1st assessments. It was enjoyable to watch a well run class of dogs and handlers being taught safely, at the appropriate level using modern training methods. There are still to many horror stories of people using old school methods which include dragging dogs over equipment on leads etc... It's also encouraging to hear there is an increasing 'voice' to make it a necessary requirement to have passed an exam or have an accreditation to train dogs. This will eliminate some of these bad practices and old school trainers.

Any spare time at the moment is spent preparing for the Performance Weekend which is approaching very quickly. It surprises me how much there is to organise for just one ring in two days, thank goodness I have a good team helping.

Oh the other thing I like about Edinburgh is they have a great bus service in the city. Not many red London ones though which are my favorites....

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