Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Feeling Inspired

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to Baroness Sue Campbell talk at Nottingham Trent University [another good reason for moving to this part of the world, a lot of UK sport happens around here].

It was an absolutely amazing lecture. I've listened to a few inspirational people talk over the years, this was outstanding. What this lady has done to UK sport is incredible. As we know sport is all about performance, or at least it should be, Baroness Sue Campbell's performance can simple be measured by leading UK Sport from 36th position in the 1996 Olympics (Atlanta) medal tally to 4th in 2008 (Beijing) and 3rd in 2012 (London).

I took away so many points relevant for personal life, business and of course my sport Agility. I need to absorb and reflect on her thoughts, approach and ideas.

One point that came over very strong was her passion, strong leadership and total focus on creating a winning TEAM, [deliberately put in large letters]. Baroness Sue Campbell looked everywhere and used every resource available to achieve this.

A great evening, my head is still spinning.

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