Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crufts - They think it's all over

Well that's Crufts over for another year. I'm sure every year I say "it was an exciting four days of agility, meeting old and new friends", and it is. It is also four long packed full days, which makes it even more exciting.

Over the next few days I'll write about my experiences, thoughts and ideas which will cover:

- Team GB, obviously!
- Agility1st - four days exciting days for us
- International competition - a growing threat
- Random ramblings - which could be about anything

Crufts continues to send ripples out for the following two or three weeks afterwards, so my ramblings could go on for a while.

I'd be very interested to get your feedback from the show too. Maybe you could send me your highlights, interesting things you saw / heard or did funny serious.

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emmaconlisk said...

I loved the live streaming at Crufts this year and managed to watch most of the agility for once! I was there all day on Sunday, the champ class was just brilliant! For me I loved watching and comparing different approaches in course walking and running by the different handlers! Great to be there and good to meet Dee in person too :)

Mark Laker said...

Thanks Emma, I didn't see any live stream although being there was exciting.