Thursday, 13 February 2014

With a little Luck

I often think we make our own luck in life. On my seminars we talk about luck, wishes and other magical words we use in hope they will make a difference.. However watching the news this week it certainly is very bad luck that over 1,000 homes in the UK are currently flooded after the wettest winter on record. (I've often wondered how long these records are and who thought of starting them?).

I've been in the South this week. Driving through Oxfordshire and Berkshire seeing the flooding is absolutely astounding and frightening. From my hotel window tonight I can see the Thames at Caversham. As teenager I spent many hours canoeing here; I wouldn't want to be on the water at the moment, it's certainly the highest and fastest flowing I've ever seen it.

The pictures below are from the BBC. I know this road, it's one I've travelled on a lot in the past, I've never seen it like this though - before and after pictures.

Eton, Berkshire. Before and after the floods

Changing the subject.

The Team GB Performance Weekend schedule is due to be released anytime soon. You'll find a link to it here on the Kennel Club web site. It follows a different format this year to reflect the new squad process, however there is still something here for grade 7 handlers wanting a taste of true international competition.

I hope you're managing to stay dry and safe through this appalling weather - have good luck.

“You are the most lucky person in the world, only if you BELIEVE so.” 
― Nitesh Aggarwaal

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