Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend fun

We went to Ribble show at the weekend. For those non-agility friends its one of those winter days, usually in the rain running around an obstacle course with our dogs. This usually includes a couple of hours of Friday night driving up a busy motorway, lots of muddy wet dogs, a dirty car, heaps of dog beds to wash when we get home - but we love it!

Myerscough is a nice venue and we're lucky to have access to places like this for winter competitions. After our spell of wet & windy weather, although not as bad as some people have had, most of our agility equipment at home is packed away again; only the weaving poles survived the wind. So proper training hasn't really started yet.

I enjoyed all my runs, even if I didn't get the outcome I was after, both Torro and Devo had fun and reminded me of those two or three areas I need to be working on.

On Sunday I delivered a seminar to 20+ handlers in the South which was also an enjoyable day. The make-up of the group has a big impact, and this one had a broad range of ages, skills, experiences and reasons for attending which makes it an interactive and interesting day.

Keep an eye out for our new Lakers Facebook group coming soon. This will be a closed group for people who have attended one of my recent seminars to share learning, ideas, knowledge and generally communicate with other people on 'the journey'.

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