Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Keeping a watchful eye

Last weekend we ran two seminars back to back - it seemed a good idea at the time! It was two very enjoyable days of learning, sharing and interesting conversations with people keen to learn new techniques that WILL help their agility performance and other areas of their lives too.

No two seminars are the same, I'm forever tweaking them, adding new content and introducing new techneques. This weekend I (well Karen actually) suggested we try linking back all the things that effect our performances back to the solutions we discuss during the day. It worked well, I'll be repeating that in the future.

As usual I benefit from the days too. This weekend I realised that I still need to nail down my goals for 2014, they're nearly there.

We've also started a new Facebook Group called Inner Agility for anyone who has attended one of my seminars recently. It's a place to share goals, solutions to overcoming emotional challenges and ideas for helping each other improve our performance. If you haven't had the invite yet, ask to be invited.

Crufts is just around the corner again. I'll be there for the four days with my Team GB Manager hat on (keeping an eye on the squad) and on the KCAI stand promoting Agility1st. I'm also giving a lecture on Thursday at 3pm. It would be good to see some of my regular readers there, no difficult questions please.

Oh yes, mustn't forget Mrs Laker has an important birthday on the Sunday at Crufts. I'm treating to her to a day out and ring side seats - what a great way to spend your birthday.

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