Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Write it down...make it happen

Did you know I'm married to an author, yes Karen has published her first Wag & Tone book. You can get your copy from The Lakers web site (http://thelakers.co.uk). I admire people who can put the amount of commitment required into producing a book, there is a lot of work and dedication involved.

As well as celebrating Karen's success, this week I've been finalising plans for the second Team GB squad day this Saturday - It's going to be a different theme from the first day, a bit more pressure, a lot more agility and yet still enjoyable.

I have some thoughts about next years squad days to help me find handlers & dogs who perform well in wet climates. I can imagine some people would love it, and others.....

While I'm writing about Team GB, tickets are now available for the FCI World Championships in Luxembourg. If you've never been before I would really recommend it. It's a fantastic three days of agility, with plenty of opportunities for shopping, meeting other competitors & supporters and you get to see another country while watching the worlds very best agility competitors. You can buy tickets here (http://www.agility-wm2014.lu/english/news/) and there are other supporters going from the UK who I can put you in touch with.

I've also been tweaking the material for the 2014 seminars I'm doing. If you want to learn how to set and achieve your goals, learn why some people get stressed on the start line and others remain cool, how to build confidence and self-belief then these seminars are for you. In the next few months I'm delivering one in the Gatwick area and another in the Midlands. e-mail me for details.

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