Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Team GB Squad Day No. 1

Phew that was a full on day, (Team GB Squad Day No.1), I was thankful that I only had a 20 minute drive home now we've moved.

I've had very positive feedback so far ranging from how much handlers liked the format, how they enjoyed working alongside handlers from different height categories, through to just being pleased to be part of the day. Well, it wasn't all down to me, the support team were great.

It was quite an honour to stand up in front of 48 of the top handlers in the UK. They were expecting something interesting, exciting, challenging and different. I think we ticked all those boxes.

I split the squad into four groups of around 10 handlers. Each group was a mix of small, medium and large dog handlers. They had four activities to work on during the day all designed to help them identify areas to work on over the selection period leading up to team selection in May.  These included:

  • Vet checks
Emma - Team Chiro
  • Travel & clothing - it was like a clothing outlet in the room!
  • Fitness (handler)
  • and of course agility 
The handlers all actively participated and showed off their various skills. 

The handler fitness area was particularly interesting to watch. This involved team games and movement skills designed for the agility handler. Major (retired) "Ruthless" Ruth MacGill from the British Army facilitated the session highlighting areas of benefit to them. I noticed one or two handlers getting very carried away in the team game exercise, one even got sin binned!

The second squad day is in a couple of weeks. I have a different type of day planned for them, still focused around agility dog & handler performance.
Zoe sorting clothing for the teams

You can just make out a fitness session going on in the mirror..

We are very fortunate to have Nottingham Trent University as our base for these days. They are excellent facilitates and the students are brilliant.

Roll on day 2.

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